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Where can I register a domain ?

We offer .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us domain registrations at $15.95 per year. If you wish you can use another domain registrar. In that case you will need to update the nameservers for the domain to point to our servers.

How do I move my site from another web host without downtime ?

1. Order a hosting account with us.
2. You will receive a temporary ip-based URL for accessing your account in your welcome email.
3. Copy all files from your old web host and upload them on our server.
4. Access your new site on a temporary URL and make sure that everything loads as it should (links, graphics etc).
5. Change the nameservers on your domain registrar's site. You will find your new nameservers in your welcome email.
6. Wait 3 days to make sure that the domain has fully propagated and is resolving to ModHost servers.
7. Cancel account with your previous web hosting provider. The transfer is complete.

Can I register additional domains with you ?

Yes. Just go to Domain Registration section and select "Order a new domain". Follow the instructions. As soon as your order is complete you can add that additional domain to your main account via your Cpanel control panel.

How do I setup additional domains under my account ?

1. Go to your Cpanel control panel and select "Addon Domains".
2. Enter the addon domain in the "New Addon Domain" box. (without the www. prefix).
3. Enter a username for your addon domain into the 'Username/directory/subdomain Name' box.
4. Choose a password and click "Add domain".

A subdomain and a subdirectory based on your primary domain will be automatically created together with the addon domain.

Do addon domains come with their own control panel ?

Addon domains do not have their own control panel but in general have the same functionality as the primary domain. You can manage your addon domains from within your primary domain's control panel.

How do I upload files to an addon domain ?

FTP to your primary account. Go to the public_html directory and then to the directory/username you created for the addon domain. Upload the files.

Do addon domains have email capabilities ?

Yes, you can create fully-functional email addresses based on your addon domains using CPanel, just like with your primary domain. You can also add forwarders based on your addon domain.

By default all unrouted mail sent to addon domain will be sent to your default email account on your primary domain (You can modify this by changing the 'default address' in your control panel).

What is a parked domain ?

Domain parking allows you to point additional domains to an already existing domain. Example: You can park domain.net and domain.org so that they point to domain.com. Visitors that type domain.net or domain.org will see the domain.com site.

How do I park a domain ?

Go to your control panel and choose "Park Domains". Enter the domain name (without the www. prefix) and then click "Add". Note that you also need to register that domain and point it to our nameservers.


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