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Can I access my mailbox in a web browser? (Do you provide webmail access ?)

Yes. You can always access your mailbox in a web browser by going to

This gives you the possibility to access your mailbox from anywhere in the world.

Note that there is a slash on the end, you will not be able to access webmail through this method if you do not add the slash.

How do I create email accounts ?

Login to your control panel ( http://yourdomain.com/cpanel/ ). Go to "Mail" > "Add / Remove Accounts" > "Add Account".

What are my email settings ?

To check email accounts that you create in your Cpanel control panel you will use the following login format:

Username: MAILACCOUNT@yourdomain.com (not just MAILACCOUNT)
Password: The password you set during email account creation

Your email program must be setup as follows:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.yourdomain.com

Be sure to enable "SMTP Authentication" ("Outgoing Mail Server Authentication") in your email program or you may not be able to send mail.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express as your email client you can create an AutoConfig file from your control panel. Just click on the "Outlook (Express) AutoConfig" link next to an account listed in the "Add / Remove Accounts" menu.

What is the default email address ?

The default email address is the "catch-all" mailbox. It receives any email sent to addresses that are not setup as unique email accounts within your domain. By default the catch-all address is disabled. In order to enable it you need to go to your Cpanel, access "Mail" - "Default Address" menu, click on "Set Default Address" and enter the email you want to make your default (catch-all) address. The mailbox must be already created in your Cpanel.

I am getting an error when I try to check my e-mail.

1. Please make sure that you enter MAILACCOUNT@yourdomain.com as login name (not just MAILACCOUNT). This is the username format for all email accounts.

2. Please double check and make sure you are entering the correct username, password and domain name (in mail.yourdomain.com).

3. Make sure you entered correct Incoming Mail Server (POP3) and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
POP3 server: mail.yourdomain.com
SMTP server: mail.yourdomain.com

4. Make sure that your domain has fully propagated and is resolving to your account. It takes up to 3 days before your domain is fully propagated.

5. Please make sure that your account is not over its disk space quota. You can check the domain's disk space usage in your Cpanel.

Also make sure that you assigned enough email disk space to the email account you created in Cpanel. You can add more disk space to the email account by clicking on 'Edit Quota' link located next to your email account (Under "Mail" - "Add/Remove Accounts")

6. Please make sure that the email account does not contain any capital letters. E.g. John@mydomain.com is incorrect, john@mydomain.com is correct.

7. If you still cannot login, go to your Control Panel and reset the password for the email account you are having problems with. If it still does not work - delete and recreate the email account in CPanel and then in your email client.

I am getting an error when I try to send my e-mail.

Some ISPs (MSN, Earthlink, Prodigy, NetZero and many others) actively block port 25 to other servers other than their own. The symptom of this would be a time out error when attempting to connect to our smtp server via your ISP's connection. Many ISPs have started to implement this restriction recently (sometimes without notice to customers). It looks like port 25 blocking is going to become standard among ISPs. You may either have to change the ISP or use their own smtp server (eg.: mail.yourISP.com instead of mail.yourdomain.com).

Another reason for this problem may be that you have not enabled "SMTP Authentication" ("Outgoing Mail Server Authentication") in your email account's settings.

Do you support IMAP ?

Yes, IMAP is fully supported on our servers.

What is email forwarding ?

Email forwarding redirects any message sent to your email address (eg. contact@mydomain.com) to another email address of your choice. You can setup email forwarding in your Cpanel control panel ("Mail" - "Forwarders").


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